Morning Volt for 04/14/2017

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Morning Volt

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Fracking Comes to the Arctic in New Alaska Oil Boom

Montgomery, The Conversation

Oil production used to fall when prices were low. But a new drilling boom in Alaska, driven by technical advances and global partnerships, spotlights America’s rise as a world oil power. Arctic lands and waters hold irresistible allure for global oil companies. Despite opposition from environmental groups and President Obama’s 2016 ban on drilling in federal Arctic waters, exploration in Alaska has revealed massive new volumes of oil.

World Must Reach Net Zero Emissions Within 10 Years

Nicholas Kusnetz, ICN

Greenhouse gas emissions must peak quickly and carbon capture technology must improve if there is any hope of limiting warming to safe levels.

Arctic Sea Ice Death Spiral Continues in March

James Ayre, CleanTechnica

The Arctic sea ice death spiral is continuing to accelerate, with March 2017 setting new record lows (for the month) with regard to extent and thickness. That’s based on new data released by

Tellurian CEO Says Oil, Gas Make ‘Two-Commodity World’

Bloomberg Markets

Tellurian CEO Charif Souki discusses liquefied natural gas and the energy market with Bloomberg’s Alix Steel on

Green Economy Must Act Now For Best Case Brexit

James Murray, BusinessGreen

Like a bon viveur after a big night out, whenever the green economy faces a challenge it can always comfort itself with the knowledge the pain is temporary and the good times will soon start to flow again. This reassuring narrative – for the green economy at least, if not for the ageing party animal – has the added bonus of being true.

Bankers’ Fading Fear of Oil Lending Is Boon for Shale

Sarah Ponczek, Bloomberg

Wall Street banks’ growing optimism about the energy industry is the latest boost for U.S. oil and natural gas producers already enjoying higher prices.

$96 Billion in U.S. Wind Investments Planned for Next 4 Years

Ian Campbell, SNL

U.S. wind developers have proposed to invest $96 billion in new wind power plants over the next four years, according to an SNL Energy analysis of projects already in the planning stages. This is the largest investment scheduled among gas, solar and wind projects in the same time frame.

Toshiba’s US Nuclear Problems Provide Cautionary Tale for UK

The Guardian

It is the four reactors being built for nuclear power stations outside Waynesboro, in Georgia, and Jenkinsville, South Carolina, by the company’s US subsidiary Westinghouse that have left the Japanese corporation facing an annual loss of 7.37bn.

Luxury Plug-in Cadillac Arrives; Chevy Volt On Steroids

Steve Hanley, Gas2

The first 100 Cadillac CT6 PHEV cars are in the country and are on their way to dealer showrooms. As a reminder, all hybrid versions of the CT6 are built in China and imported to the US.

Trump Plans to Reopen Offshore Areas for Drilling, If He Can


Trump plans to open more offshore areas for drilling, but the law may stand in the way. Speaking Thursday at an offshore energy industry conference, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke said the administration is working on an order to reverse Obama-era restrictions on drilling in Arctic and Atlantic waters.

Maryland Passes First-of-a-Kind Tax Credit for Energy Storage

Julian Spector, GTM

Humanity’s emissions of greenhouse gases must peak within the next decade for the world to meet the goals of the Paris climate agreement, according to a new study published Thursday. Hitting that mark would require strong growth in renewable energy and rapid deployment of emissions-capturing technologies, the authors said.

LNG Spot Prices Plunge in Asia on Supply Glut Concerns

Nikkei Asian Review

Spot prices of liquefied natural gas in Asian markets slid 40% from a high seen in January, foreshadowing a possible drop in Japanese electricity prices if weak demand and rising output abroad exacerbate a glut of the fuel.

The De-Electrification of the U.S. Economy

Justin Fox, Bloomberg View

The initial drop in electricity use in 2008 and 2009 could be attributed partly to the economic downturn. But the economy grew again in 2010, and every year since. Electricity use in the U.S., meanwhile, is still below its 2007 level, and seemingly flatlining.

President Trump, It’s Time We Left Coal Behind

Danny Kennedy, Guardian

In the wake of President Trump’s latest executive orders to undo Obama’s efforts on climate and energy, it has become clear that climate science denial isn’t the only blind spot of this administration. It also suffers from what Australian commentator Waleed Aly calls commercial denialism an attempt to fulfill the campaign promise to protect the dying coal industry all while ignoring the market forces that are leading to its demise.

Scott Pruitt Faces Anger From Right Over EPA Finding He Won’t Fight

NY Times

When President Trump chose the Oklahoma attorney general, Scott Pruitt, to lead the Environmental Protection Agency, his mission was clear: Carry out Mr. Trump’s campaign vows to radically reduce the size and scope of the agency and take apart President Barack Obama’s ambitious climate change policies.In his first weeks on the job, Mr. Pruitt drew glowing praise from foes of Mr. Obama’s agenda against global warming, as he moved to roll back its centerpiece, known as the Clean Power Plan, and expressed agreement with those who said the E.P.A. should be eliminated. His actions and statements…

Oil Rebalancing: Delayed Rather Than Derailed?

John Kemp, Reuters

Oil market rebalancing has been pushed back by a few months rather than pushed off course, if recent movements in crude futures prices are to be believed.Brent futures prices for June delivery have risen in 10 of the last 11 trading sessions by a total of more than $5 per barrel.Brent has now recovered all its previous losses after the sell that began on March 8 and continued through March 23 (

How to Dispose of Nuclear Waste

The Economist

A STEEP 5km ramp corkscrews down from the mouth of a tunnel (pictured above) into the bowels of the Earth. At the bottom, a yellow rig is drilling boreholes into the rock face, preparing it for blasting. The air is chilly, but within a few years, it may feel more like a Finnish sauna. Buried in holes in the floor will be copper canisters, 5.2 metres long, containing the remains of some of the world’s most radioactive nuclear waste. When the drilling is finished, in a century or so, 3,250 canisters each containing half a tonne of spent fuel will be buried in up to 70km of tunnels. Then the…

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