Daily Bulletin for 04/14/2017

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Calorie-Counting Is Almost Useless

James Hamblin, The Atlantic

New Softball-Sized Spider Found in Mexico

Jason Daley, Smithsonian

Enceladus Has the Ingredients for Life

Mike Wall, Space.com

Ants Seen Rescuing Injured Comrades

Andrew Masterson, Cosmos Magazine

Weaponizing a Virus to Save Florida’s Oranges

Megan Molteni, Wired

Why We Shouldn’t Eat E.T.

Peter Singer, Nautilus

March for Science Defends ISIS

Alex Berezow, ACSH

What Will the Sky Look Like in Five Million Years?

Alison Klesman, Astronomy

Device Pulls Water From Parched Air

James Temple, MIT Tech Review

Dark Matter Bridge Between Galaxies Imaged

Evan Gough, Universe Today

The Tale of the Indestructible ‘Yeti Crab’

Jasmin Fox-Skelly, BBC Earth

Massive Eel Migration Relies on Magnetic Maps

Eric Betz, Discover

Scientific Collaboration Declines in Newest EU Members

Daniel Cressey, NN

‘Inconvenience’ Strategy Boosts Child-Vaccination Rate

Beth Mole, AT

Food-Borne Pesticide Fears Debunked

The Conversation

Asteroid Impacts May Not Create a Tsunami

Nola Taylor Redd, Space.com

Massive “Dead Red" Galaxy Seen for First Time

Karl Glazebrook, Conversation

Returning Mission Control to the Apollo-Era

Robert Pearlman, Space.com

Are Ubiquitous Anelloviruses Actually Friendly?

Ross Pomeroy, RCS

The Strangest Oceans in Our Galaxy

K. N. Smith, Astronomy

Ocellated Lizard’s Colors Develop in Adolescence

Sarah McQuate, Nature

Personalizing Vaccines to Treat Cancer

Jocelyn Kaiser, Science Magazine

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