The Takeaway, 4-24-17

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The Takeaway: Polls and Insights 

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Daily Data Point: Increasing Distrust of Media Cuts Across Parties
by David Byler 

Today’s data point comes from the long-running General Social Survey (GSS). The poll showed that Democrats, Republicans and Independents have been steadily losing confidence in the press for over 40 years.

The trend isn’t a straight, noise-free line (see graphic below). But the overall message is clear – loss of trust in the press is bipartisan. A majority of Republicans (61%) and Independents (51%) as well as 40% of Democrats report having hardly any confidence in the people who run the press.

The GSS makes it easy to slice up this data in several different ways (age, gender, marital status, race, education, etc.) but the same trend shows up in nearly every demographic group. Americans are generally losing faith in the press.

You can explore the data on the media as well as a number of other institutions here.

Daily Polls

 Direction of Country 
According to Rasmussen Reports:

 Presidential Approval 
According to Gallup:

  • 40% of Americans approve of President Trump’s job performance, while
  • 54% disapprove

According to Rasmussen Reports:

  • 51% of Americans approve of President Trump’s job performance, while
  • 49% disapprove
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