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God is the author of your best-selling story! He is daily crafting each chapter to make you the person He wants you to be-the best possible you!

All great things are the result of a significant process. Writing a life story is an ongoing journey that God wants you to enjoy. Having respect for the process allows God to lead you to ultimate maturity.
Your life is a living testament of ongoing processes, which need to be faced head-on. When you believe God is in the midst of every challenge, you will overcome each one.
Your purpose and your life plan is before you. God allows you to experience ups and downs throughout life to build you into…

“If you want to see your faith restored… Read this book!"
– Tamar Braxton Herbert

Your storms may seem big, but God is bigger. Your season may feel dark, but God’s light is shining through. Your circumstance may appear hopeless, but nothing is impossible for God!
Cora Jakes shares her inspirational story to set the stage for this life-changing message. Faithing It is not about pretending away your problems. It’s about facing circumstances through relationship and faith in God, because you see them measured next to His chain-breaking, miracle-working power!


Get hours of digital video teaching, inspirational content, and small group resources from Cora Jakes Coleman and TD Jakes for FREE ($59.00 value) when you purchase 
Faithing It!

These mini e-book downloads are terrific inspirational reads!

Getting Back to the Goodness of God

Bill Johnson
Rick Warren & Generous Living

William F. High
Craig Groeschel & Irrational Generosity
Terry Nance
PDF download PDF download PDF download
Here’s some free books, available to you as PDF downloads!

Center of the Universe

Bill Johnson
Shifting Shadows of Supernatural Experiences

James W. Goll, Julia Loren
The Reformer’s Pledge
Ché Ahn, Bill Johnson, Lance Wallnau, Chuck Pierce, Heidi Baker…
PDF download PDF download PDF download



TD Jakes Interviews Cora Jakes Coleman | Faithing It
Bishop T.D. Jakes-author of Can You Stand to be Blessed?-interviews daughter Cora Jakes Coleman about her new book, Faithing It.

How to Pray for Healing  | Heidi Baker, Robby Dawkins, and Angela Greenig
Heidi Baker-author of Training for Harvest-is joined by Robby Dawkins, and Angela Greenig. Together, they offer their insights on how to pray for healing.
This Week’s Broadcast Preview

Sandra Kennedy
Sandra Kennedy’s lip was accidentally bitten off by her pet dog. The doctor said she would be severely deformed. But Sandra learned God made healing simple. She wants to show you how to receive yours.

Kevin Zadai
During surgery Kevin Zadai found himself on the other side of the veil. Jesus appeared to him in the operating room, revealing that every person who knows the Lord has a God package inside of them! What has God given you?
Watch Now

Jamie Galloway
Jamie Galloway has had multiple open visions of the “Third Heaven" and he experiences God talking to him all the time. Now he imparts this open communication with God to others. Why not you?
Watch Now

Recent Release
Recent Release

Dawna De Silva,
Teresa Liebscher
The Fire That
Never Sleeps

Michael Brown, John Kilpatrick, Larry Sparks
Hearing God Through Your Dreams
Mark Virkler,
Charity Virkler Kayembe
various formats digital audiobook various formats

Jeff Jansen: “Praises and Miracles"
We are in a season of the release of radical new anointings that brings with it great opportunities for spiritual advancement into…
T.D. Jakes: “Jesus Cares for the Wounded Woman"
The Holy Spirit periodically lets us catch a glimpse of the personal testimony of one of…
Trisha Frost: “Healing Wounds of the Past"

“Nothing is wrong, but something ain’t right." Hmmm! Does anyone else live in this state of…

Hurry! Discount pricing ends 4/27 at midnight!
get now
Breaking Spiritual Strongholds in
Your City
C. Peter Wagner
Real Messages
From Heaven
Faye Aldridge
Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind

Bill Johnson

e-book e-book e-course
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